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day off = morning of quiet fun


I finished one of the items for testing. I just love how these little pants turned out. I decided to make a appliqued top to match. Now all I need is my model home so I can get some better pictures.



I like this site called Rookie. It’s a magazine aimed at teens but I think plenty of adults read it too so I don’t feel too weird about it. Tavi Gevinson- the sixteen year old who started it also has a blog called the style rookie that she started at like 12 or 13. She is quite well known in the fashion world. Crazy, but she is brilliant and I like her writing. SO ANYWAYS, on rookie they do photo shoots and have made these great flower headbands and so I had to try my hand at it. I found a headband on my dresser yesterday buried under a bunch of stuff and I had a bag of roses someone gave me and some fake flowers left over from Easter.




tinkerbell romper


Violet has been obsessed with Tinkerbell lately. I saw this tutorial on Samster Mommy and had to make this little romper set. I had two t shirts from who knows what previous project that were just the right color. One was for Aaron and it was banana republic, but we won’t tell him that. I pretty much followed the whole tutorial except for the arm part, i did that a little differently. I just cut pieces out of the sleeve and added elastic thread to those and then added them on.



We had not been to the thrift store in weeks.After school today we headed  over to our favorite store. We have been going there for probably over 6 years now. Today I found loads of good kids books, 4 wool sweaters to wreck and reuse, and some kitchen items.As the man put these bowls out, I snatched picked them out. I really love vintage tupperware. It does something to me. It takes me back to childhood,for sure. My parents must have had all of this stuff. I also found a really pretty set of mugs and for 25 cents, how could I not?

repurposed pants


These PJ pants were headed out-they were too small. I decided to cut them and serge the edge.Now they fit him like underwear. I think I need to work on my serge hemming skills but they should be fine. Total time- 5 minutes. One less thing for the thrift store and one less thing we need to buy.

quilted idea


I really want to make a quilt and so I thought I might begin one using cut up old shirts that were headed for the trash. At least if I mess up, it won’t be on expensive new fabric. I made two fabric sheet “squares” that will be included and I cut up an old pillowcase. I tried to start last night but my machine was giving me problems with the bobbin. This morning I got a few squares put together and I think it will be way harder than I imagined but I am going to take it a piece at a time and just have fun with it.