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day off = morning of quiet fun


I finished one of the items for testing. I just love how these little pants turned out. I decided to make a appliqued top to match. Now all I need is my model home so I can get some better pictures.



I like this site called Rookie. It’s a magazine aimed at teens but I think plenty of adults read it too so I don’t feel too weird about it. Tavi Gevinson- the sixteen year old who started it also has a blog called the style rookie that she started at like 12 or 13. She is quite well known in the fashion world. Crazy, but she is brilliant and I like her writing. SO ANYWAYS, on rookie they do photo shoots and have made these great flower headbands and so I had to try my hand at it. I found a headband on my dresser yesterday buried under a bunch of stuff and I had a bag of roses someone gave me and some fake flowers left over from Easter.






Lots of new plans in the sewing department. I recently purchased three production licenses from to make their twirl skirt, halter dress, and sienna dress. I have made these before and love them because they are so fast and easy to make and you can use recycled shirts as your material.Yay for low overhead and recycling!!

I renamed my shop stripes and ruffles. I think it balances the two things I like to sew. I love sewing with recycled materials and I love using designer fabrics and creating ruffly, girly outfits.

I am also finishing up an apron for a cupcake birthday dress for a special childhood friend whose daughter is turning three. I did one last year for her, too.

I have some white fabric coming that I have some dye plans for. I have two bottles of RIT all ready for it. I want to sew a few dresses using hand dyed fabric. I am obsessing over ombre on pinterest right now.

I will also be pattern testing for whimsy couture and create kids couture this week. I love pattern testing because it gives me a deadline and usually forces me to work on things I normally wouldn’t do. I am doing some fancy ruffle pants for CKC and a sunny day suit for WC.

My nice camera got the top ripped off while we were in Tennessee so I am going to try and drop that off to get repaired this week. Hoping it doesn’t cost a fortune. At least I have my back up canon power shot.

Homemade cards




Every year,  I send out a photo card with the kids on it. This year I decided to do something different and have the kids make the cards themselves. I am not attached to how these will turn out, the relatives will love them. I cut up the shape out of card stock. That took like 5 minutes and then showed them how the stamps work and printed a few cute clip art pictures. I printed a picture of all three kids and that will go inside so no one will be deprived of an adorable photo of my kids.

Alice in Wonderland


2010-10-27 20.53.01

I never get dressed up for Halloween. I think two years ago I put a sparkly cape on over an all black outfit for school. However, this year I have THREE reasons to get dressed up and so I thought I would have a good time with it seeing as I have more time for it now. I bought the kids their costumes. I have never made them costumes before. Maybe next year?
SO, I have a class party, a friend is having a potluck( night w/o kids!!!) and the actual holiday itself.
I made two parts to this costume which were simple but I am still really happy and proud about the way they turned out. I made a petticoat and an apron trimmed in lace. I went to Joann’s and bought about 4 yards of this nice lightweight cotton that happened to be 50% off. I did not use all of it. I did make the petticoat wrong. I only ruffled the bottom tier instead of doing the bottom and middle but I still like the way it came out. And that is the beauty of making things for yourself. You can customize it exactly to what you want.

The apron was incredibly easy. I added the lace with no problems. It came together in like an hour-with interruptions.You know what I mean. Please excuse the dirty carpet. I have other things to do,

So I had bought two dresses at the thrift store because I just wasn’t sure what I wanted. Last week, I bought a beautiful blue formal dress and this week was a printed blue cotton dress. I think the formal one looks WAY better than the other one but it still would have worked. All I have to show for those are super bad cell phone pictures but I will add more on Halloween with a real camera.
2010-10-27 17.04.55

erica alicia


I am going to try and start a new etsy shop. I want to focus on illustrations and watercolors. This was going to be my logo but I am having difficulty making it fit right.
I am excited to use the free time I will have in the afternoons to try and get my art work going. Plans include an etsy shop and selling locally at the riverside arts market and art walk once I have enough work completed.



This weekend was all about taking care of Aaron. He had a little procedure done that rendered him bedridden for a few days. We stuck around the house so we were close by to help him. I also cooked and cleaned the whole time. I almost feel caught up. Dishes are done and lunches are made, kids are bathed, groceries have been bought and we are ready for a new week. This week is a 2 1/2 day week and then the boys and I are on spring break! I have many plans in mind. Crafty plans, traveling plans, cooking plans- it should be great. The biggest treat for me is not having to be out of the house by 7:15 am.

I did a little printing today using foam alphabet letters that I saw on another site, I believe Kind over Matter, but maybe Craft. I decided to also trace the inside of the alphabet and watercolor it in a siloutte style. I really love watercolor and enjoyed doing it. I can’t wait to see it in a frame.

paper cutting


I finally did my first paper cutting! i have admired these for a long time. A blogger and artist Amy Karol made a cute set of mailorders and two of the themes have been paper cutting. I finally ordered the first( and easier ) one. After thinking about it for a few days, I dug out my exacto and a self healing mat and cut the first one out. I love it and you will be seeing more in the near future.
You can find more here.



3 Valentines for the teachers. We got the idea from and we had all the supplies on hand so it was very easy and turned out quite cute, if I do say so myself. The kids colored their own using, also. I had cardstock and used that for printing. I also had two new boxes of colored pencils for them to use. I thought it would make them look neater. Secret- I let them use my new pencil sharpener for it. I have two, one for school, which is heavily used. That one is strictly pencils. This home one is not used that much so I think it will be ok. It did make the whole thing really easy. We went to the dollar tree and got loads of pencils and sweethearts. Those got taped to the backs of the cards. I figured since the kids weren’t getting the commercial, shiny, flashy, character cards,we should at least make them cooler with extra stuff.

Verdict- success.The boys said everyone in their classes liked them. D got 4 of the same kind(fun dip) so at least these are original.