Ideas for the summer


I just saw this article in mothering and wanted to remind myself of these things for the summer. I thought I would post it here for easy reference.


It’s almost summer now and those warm endless days and nights are near. Here are some ideas to encourage playfulness:

Go bike riding.

Take a walk at night when the moon is full.

Gaze at the stars.

Go on a bug safari.

Make some large cardboard appliance boxes available.

Give your children a video camera to use.

Make a detailed map of your yard, your house, your neighborhood.

Have a scavenger hunt.

Put on a treasure hunt.

Invite the neighborhood over for a circus.

Make boats from wood scraps and corks with paper or fabric sails and sail them down a creek or in the gutters.

Decorate each other’s faces with face paints.

Fill a toy box with old clothes, skarves, jewelry, hats, and shoes.

Make an outdoor obstacle course or par course.

Fill walnut shell halves with candle wax and a tiny wick. Light them and place them around the garden or on a pond at night.

written by -Peggy O’Mara
Peggy O’Mara founded in 1995 and is currently its editor-in chief.


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