product review- Eggies


I am convinced the reason Walmart has three cashiers working on a Saturday is so that while you are standing in line for a half an hour you begin to remember more things you need to buy or in my case, the as seen on TV products make their way into your cart. I do not even have regular TV- I have never seen an ad for these. However, we eat a lot of eggs and I hate peeling them. My kids think hard boiled eggs are the best things ever. I put one in Edison’s lunch the other day and he came home raving about his delicious egg and thank you mom for putting that in there. This is how I justified the Eggies purchase- after couponing and saving money on things I needed, I bought this. Surprisingly, husband was excited to try it. (another huge hard boiled egg fan).
So here is how it works. Buy this.
Wash and dry all the parts- kind of a pain. This is why it got bad reviews on amazon. Really only took me a few minutes. You also need to oil the inside after it is assembled. I just used a paper towel and it took a second.
Ready for Eggs
Thank you chickens.
After the first egg did not slide in easily, but blobbed on the table I used this little pitcher. You can use a drinking glass. Then they went in easily.
Then they float in the water while it comes to a boil. I want to say it is around 7-10 minutes.
Let them cool for a few minutes. You know, for safety.
I have made them a few more times. I will store them in a ziploc bag.
Pros- No peeling eggs
Cons- Lots of little parts to wash. Boiling food in plastic freaks me out a little.
I would say if you eat a lot of eggs, it might be worth it. We really hate peeling eggs so we like it.


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