I have a little guy in my classroom called the tattle monster. He is a tissue box with teeth around the opening for kids to put their tattles in. I saw it on Pinterest and had to copy it and hope it was worth a shot. If you have ever wondered why teachers seem grumpy or don’t want to listen to your kid, it is because ALL DAY LONG they are being told small bits of facts about people or things they have little or no interest in hearing. I don’t want to sound too callous, I do try to listen so when a child tells me something important I know what is going on. I have a tattling filter, if you will. I do read all the tattles in the tattle monster to make sure everyone is safe and nothing REALLY bad is happening.

Sometimes, the tattle monster is pretty entertaining.Maybe I spend too much time with kids. I have to share a few.
—— said to stop, but I was just breathing.(please don’t stop breathing)
—— was showing his butt in the library.(ummmm)
——-keeps on flapping his wings like a bird.( you will so get made fun of for this when you are older)
——-put me in the tattle monster for no reason.(I am sure.)
——-looked at my tattle to see if I was writing about him.(I love the tattling about tattling)
——-keeps looking at me and so and so’s name cards on our desk. (really- is it that big of a deal? )
——-is being a tattletale. (pot calling the kettle black?)
——-three people are giving me the evil eye.( maybe you should rethink what you are doing?)
——-was being sassy. (hahaha)
——-looked at me and stomped.
So there you have it. The drama of a day in second grade. This is only a fraction of it.


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