it’s all about the small things


I was cleaning out my pantry this afternoon. You know how on some weeks you need to figure out how to s t r e c h until payday? As I am poking around I notice the stupid tea boxes keep falling all over me. After flinging them back in a few times, I came up with a very useful idea. All the tea in indv’l wrapped packs could be kept in a gallon bag. Probably everyone on the planet already does this and I just never knew. I put my kid to work and had her get the gallon bag and load the bags in. She wanted to get paid in peeps. Thanks for bring those over, Papa. A five minute job that a three year old can do. Just putting it out there in case you have been living with tons of boxes annoying you daily like I have. I feel like i got something done today.
How do you pay your laborers?
look at all those boxes for recycling


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