Pattern Review – Scientific Seamstress- Stripwork Jumper


This weekend I made Violet this little dress for St. Patrick’s Day using  the Scientific Seamstress  Stripwork Jumper pattern. I have had it for awhile now and been thinking about how I wanted to make it. I bought a cute hairbow from a seller on facebook that is lime green and zebra print. That was my inspiration for the dress. I got the fabrics at wal mart. I am one of the lucky few that still has fabric at my store. I picked out four prints and got 1/2 yd each for a total of $9. I had the white fabric already, but let’s say that was about 4-5$.

Assembly- I really liked the way she had you cut your fabric strips using a clear quilting ruler and a wash out sewing marker. Once I got going sewing the strips, it went fast. At one sitting, I cut the fabric, sewed the strips and added the ruffle. I also embroidered the top piece. The next morning, I finished the bodice. I was a little nervous at the directions for sewing together the top but I just read it slowly and did it and it worked. It was just an attachment process I had never done before. The illustrations REALLY helped a visual person like me.  I made sure to iron and topstitch every step it says to. It looks so much more professional. Don’t skip that. Attaching the bodice to the skirt was pretty easy and then I was done. The only place I went different from the pattern was adding four straps instead of two and having them tie at the shoulders. I think it gives it a more adjustable fit (and I don’t have to mess with buttonholes).

Overall- a great pattern with lots of versatility. The color combos are endless and it can also be made as a top. The directions were thorough, clear, and lots of diagrams.
The bow




Fun to twirl in


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