just a few months off


Oh my neglected little bloggie- I am sorry. I have been sewing and working on projects but I seem to forget to post them or I post them on Facebook and don’t see the point of reposting here, kind of redundant since it is probably the same people reading.
A little update since November:
I decided to quit sewing for other people so I closed my facebook ericia alicia page. My etsy page is still open and I might keep it up just for legwarmers. I have a few more to make and take pictures of.
I sewed a waldorf doll for christmas. The hair is still missing.
I have sewn a lot of little dresses for violet.
I went vegetarian for three weeks.
I decided to apply for my masters degree in elearning/educational technology. I start in March.
I am going to be an aunt again.
I started going to yoga weekly.
I have a pattern buying problem and will never be able to sew all the things I have patterns for. My newest obsession is shoes.
I am hoping to keep the blog more up to date. Less facebook posts and more blog posts, maybe?


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