After cleaning out her garage and discovering a bunch of my old things, my mother brought me my old jewelry box. I found a lot of sharks teeth, stamps, rosaries, and just an assortment of things. My four ( grown up)molars that were pulled. I took a few pictures because I had to share a piece of who I was in 8th/9th grade-ish.
The box
my hair bobbles
One of my most treasured possessions.
My grandma always gave me pins. Here are a few.
Student council- I was VP in 8th grade.
Honor society pin- I think?

Some of my sweet earrings. Two of them I made. A DIYer even back then.

I started to put them on and my mom said,” NO! You’ll get an infection”. Ha! How fun to go back through all these treasures I had forgotten about.


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