family day


Since I am starting to try to make a more conscious effort to focus on the family, we are trying to incorporate a family fun day. Usually, our weekend is a big catch up effort from the previous week.Now Saturday is our church and chore day and while we still have to do chores on Sunday, I am trying to plan an activity. This Sunday, we used a groupon for putt putt golf at beautiful Fernandina Beach. The drive out there was so lovely. It took 40+ minutes but it was scenic. The golf place was on the beach. When you looked past the chain linked fence you could see the ocean. The weather was cooler and breezy. Us Floridians have been aching for this break in the heat. It puts everyone in a good mood. I forgot my camera but I took a few pictures with my cell phone.
After we played, we got some ice cream and went over to the playground on the beach next door.
Violet fell asleep right before we got home and I actually got to take a short nap. It was really a lovely day.


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