Beast Box


A recent visit to the city farmer’s market brought me to an all organic table. There are a lot of produce sellers at this market and a few farms but not the idealistic farmer’s market that you might read about. We have an organic one at the Beaches for a few hours once a week but it is too far to justify a weekly visit for me. We also have an arts market that often has good produce but I can never find all the things I want. I am just too picky, I guess. I love the city farmer’s market because it is so cheap and an easy drive. I was so excited to see the big white ORGANIC banner that I went over there first. It turns out that the people running the booth have a store in a nearby city and are raw vegans. They source local organic produce, nuts, grains, and other goodies you might find in a health food store bulk bin. They make a beast box that has 6 raw food entrees and some snacks and desserts for $40. What a good deal! I picked one up last Saturday and I have been enjoying it all week. I probably won’t get it on a weekly basis but what a great way to try some different foods. You can also order these items a la carte from their catalog. I am going to take advantage of their delivery service soon, too. If you order $25 worth, they deliver for free.
This was so good!
This had a cheese sauce that went with it and I really liked it. I think it was my favorite.
They have a website and a facebook page if you are interested. I have more pictures up on my flickr of the close ups of the items.


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