6 very ripe bananas


My in laws dropped off a bunch of bananas that were super ripe for me to make banana bread. I love banana bread but it takes an hour to bake. This week has been extra busy as it is the end of the school year in a house with two teachers.  I never like to see food go to waste, so I did the easiest, laziest thing possible, other than peeling and freezing. I sliced a few of them them onto a dehydrator tray and turned it on and went to work.
a fresh tray going in
almost dried banana slices
I had a few bananas left so I peeled them and put them in the vita-mix.  I added a pinch of flax seed meal because I had it, and some pumpkin pie spice. I couldn’t find the cinnamon. It blended up really easily and then I poured it on a dehydrator tray with a fruit leather liner (parchment would work) on it.
banana puree- ready to be a fruit leather
The kids have eaten most of the banana slices and all of the fruit leather. I need to ween violet from her gummies addiction. This could be a start. I plan on buying an extra bunch at the farmer’s market this weekend.


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