Project Playroom- update


We have been making some progress on the playroom. A few days were lost due to birthdays and thanksgiving. Dylan is trying to be understanding but is super anxious to get in.
I began to paint, but only got about 3/4 through the first coat. There is little ventilation in there and so i want to live longer, we will do it in smaller stages. I would’ve gone low odor/good kind, but this was stuff we had bought previously and wanted to use,rather than throw away.


We have had to put everything in the middle of the room, but most of it is somewhat organized into boxes.

Dad finally put up the door frame. This has been driving me crazy for quite some time, as it is the first thing people see when they walk in the house. It looks a million times better.

And, the desk is here. We have to assemble it, but that will happen after the painting, I think.
It looks really nice and I am super excited for Dylan to have a nice desk to use in his room. Finally, after all that, Dad will take the bunk beds apart and Dylan can sleep in his new room. So maybe a week or less left!!


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