Alice in Wonderland


2010-10-27 20.53.01

I never get dressed up for Halloween. I think two years ago I put a sparkly cape on over an all black outfit for school. However, this year I have THREE reasons to get dressed up and so I thought I would have a good time with it seeing as I have more time for it now. I bought the kids their costumes. I have never made them costumes before. Maybe next year?
SO, I have a class party, a friend is having a potluck( night w/o kids!!!) and the actual holiday itself.
I made two parts to this costume which were simple but I am still really happy and proud about the way they turned out. I made a petticoat and an apron trimmed in lace. I went to Joann’s and bought about 4 yards of this nice lightweight cotton that happened to be 50% off. I did not use all of it. I did make the petticoat wrong. I only ruffled the bottom tier instead of doing the bottom and middle but I still like the way it came out. And that is the beauty of making things for yourself. You can customize it exactly to what you want.

The apron was incredibly easy. I added the lace with no problems. It came together in like an hour-with interruptions.You know what I mean. Please excuse the dirty carpet. I have other things to do,

So I had bought two dresses at the thrift store because I just wasn’t sure what I wanted. Last week, I bought a beautiful blue formal dress and this week was a printed blue cotton dress. I think the formal one looks WAY better than the other one but it still would have worked. All I have to show for those are super bad cell phone pictures but I will add more on Halloween with a real camera.
2010-10-27 17.04.55


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