Cow Chips


So this guy has been haunting me for a few weeks. Someone gave him to me and instead of joining the others in the playdoh purgatory, I held onto him. I had no plans to do anything farmy or with animals but I kept staring at him and thinking. And then, while all my kids are sick, and in between appts and cleaning the house, I looked at him and thought COW CHIPS. That will be funny cause people call cow poop,cow chips and my boys will love it. I stopped the dishes right there and got to work.(It does not take me much to drop the dishes.) I had a pack of aging corn tortillas in the pantry and stamped about 4 cows to a tortilla until I did two big cookie sheets worth.

I spray greased them(classy) and spinkled them with salt and green can parm cheese( also classy). I baked them at 350 degrees for about 10 min. I checked after 5 and they were a little chewy so I did another 5. You want them firm and crispy. So what did you do with all those corn tortilla scraps, you ask? They are the topping on our casserole tonight. A bean/rice/ mixed veg/cream cheese/ tortilla strip assembly made from various things that need to be used up. Practicing my frugality today!

Except, the boys didn’t get the joke about cow chips. Oh well, they were still super tasty.


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