Making Art Materials


These past few weeks have been rather slow here. We have been struggling financially until A starts teaching. His first class is this Monday so he has been working really hard to get ready. My job got cut to part time( mornings only) so that has been a huge adjustment. At first, I was quite devastated, but after having done it two weeks, I really like having the spare time to be available for my family. My house is cleaner and more organized.  The boys started school- kindergarten and third grade. It’s always exciting to have a fresh start and getting new supplies.

The last two days we have been making art materials. We started with finger paints.

Then we ventured into playdoh. I have to remind myself to do this more often. E andV played for hours making cakes and different foods. I gave them some old candles and toothpicks and they loved those way more than using cookie cutters like we usually do.

Note- Yellow is a good color to use for not staining everything!

She had to see everything her brother was doing.

My lovely birthday cake.

Then, because all that wasn’t enough, I wanted to make soap crayons. All I did was grate Ivory bar soap and add a small amount of water, oil, and food coloring. Now they are drying. We will let you know how they go after the test run bath.


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