pickin blueberries in the mountains


We drove for close to an hour around the mountain to get here but we knew we were in for the good stuff based on the advertising alone.

After chatting with the man in the trailer out front, we passed though the gate and rode back for a few minutes.

Around the pink bunny and who knows what on the fence post.

Time to walk back to the berries. Dogs? No one said anything about a few big dogs running around. Don’t run over to them V! Note to self- teach V not to pet strange dogs.

Testing the goods.

We picked.

Where did my children go?

Ahh! There they are.

We picked over 2 gallons of blueberries in a few hours. Some worked harder than others.Some ate their weight in blueberries. Time to pay.

“Umm,  never mind the crazy lady in the car taking pictures. She’s a little special.”

Seven dollars for 2 1/3  gallons of blueberries!!! That should buy his cigarettes and beer for the afternoon. Good day, Sir!


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