The Serger


The Serger is here. I have wanted one for about 4 years since I started sewing Edison’s diapers. I am kind of scared of the machine.  Today, despite the cold(for us) weather, we went to Joann’s. All of us. It was a short trip.

I am going to face off with the machine tonight after Violet goes to bed. My simple goal for the evening, thread the machine and try to serge something. I didn’t know if I should buy 4 spools of white or different colors. I went with the different colors, I figured it would help me with the threading and to see which thread goes where. The thread was 50% off so I might head back and get a set of all white before the weekend is over. Exciting thread talk, I know.


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  1. I will be interested in hearing about your experiences with your serger. I have put off getting one for years now because I am too intmidated by them! I just don’t know how much Iwould use it – I mean – I’ve survived 30+years of sewing without one so how much is it really necessary?

  2. I just read the manual for threading and there are so many directions but I think after I try it, it won’t be so bad. I skipped doing it last night, I got caught up in the Olympics. I want to try it out and see all the things it can do to make sewing faster and look better.

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