3 Valentines for the teachers. We got the idea from and we had all the supplies on hand so it was very easy and turned out quite cute, if I do say so myself. The kids colored their own using, also. I had cardstock and used that for printing. I also had two new boxes of colored pencils for them to use. I thought it would make them look neater. Secret- I let them use my new pencil sharpener for it. I have two, one for school, which is heavily used. That one is strictly pencils. This home one is not used that much so I think it will be ok. It did make the whole thing really easy. We went to the dollar tree and got loads of pencils and sweethearts. Those got taped to the backs of the cards. I figured since the kids weren’t getting the commercial, shiny, flashy, character cards,we should at least make them cooler with extra stuff.

Verdict- success.The boys said everyone in their classes liked them. D got 4 of the same kind(fun dip) so at least these are original.


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