park day


031, originally uploaded by star792.

we have a day off yesterday and met up with some friends and went to the park. it was very nice except for the heat.

i have now made two hats from the kniffty knitter loom. one for dylan/edison and one for my friend’s new baby girl.

over the past weekend, my mom came up to visit. we cleaned out the playroom and now have a relatively beautiful place for the kids to play. there is a big table to work and bins on the sides to store toys. there is a corner with books and a blanket and pillow for reading. since i have been so motivated from that visit, i have cleaned/purged violet’s room and clothes and cleaned the boys bedroom. today I decided to spend a few minutes cleaning my office out and ended up clearing out the whole center of the room. while its not in good enough shape to use as a crafting room, it is cleaned out enough to find my materials and be able to safely walk around. i am going to keep working on that one. i have four boxes to take to the thrift store tomorrow( which is also half off day). my house was making me feel a little down. a little work makes a big difference. i am so much more motivated to keep going. i am planning on making some new curtains for my bedroom. i can picture them exactly in my head. i just need money for fabric and will be doing it.


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