Busy Week


This past week was crazy. We had my mom and dad and their 4 dogs come up for three days and then Aaron’s sister and family came for Thanksgiving. My folks were up for grandparents day and to visit before thanksgiving. Aaron and I had our birthdays on Monday and Tuesday and got to go out each night!!!We went to the Capital Grille Steakhouse and it was probably the best( and most expensive) meal I have ever had. I had filet and lobster. Aaron had a steak rubbed in kona coffee. It was really good.
It was very nice to have all the company but I am tired. We had a great turkey day, all the food was good. We had turkey, ham, squash casserole, green bean casserole(no cans- from scratch!) , sweet potatoes, white potatoes, rolls, deviled eggs, and cranberry relish. Two pies- pecan and apple strudel(cracker barrel).
Today will be leftover turkey soup. I have to go shopping today and I think it will be all light dishes so we can recover.


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