lazy days


I am really enjoying the lack of schedule we have during the summer. This isn’t to say we have no routine but we just have no set time to do things. I made pizza crust today and sneaky pizza sauce( from the sneaky chef) and salad dressing for our dinner. It was all done in a puttering around sort of way. A little here and there when I got to it. I also got quite a bit of housework done but it didn’t feel like it was too much. I take lots of breaks. Our new air conditioner is a god-send. I am so glad I don’t have to live with that heat anymore. I did learn a bit about efficiency during the two months we were without. Maybe thats why the housework didn’t kill me today. I also made a double batch of pancakes and froze them. Thats like a box of aunt jemima in there waiting for us to have a busy morning but still “need” pancakes. ( I have never bought frozen pancakes before). I do like the idea of making more while I am already doing something for use later. We are going to kids kampus tomorrow morning. I have never been there before. It is downtown by alltel stadium. We are meeting up with some of the former playgroup ladies. Will be nice to do something, we have been home for a few days.


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