one more week


one more week of school and I am free for 2 months. I can’t complain- next week’s hours are 9-12:30. Also with the baby coming I will have extra time but I may need to go back for a few weeks in August until she arrives.
I have many domestic plans for this summer. I plan on making my own bread, sewing diapers, growing edible plants, and cooking in an organic and whole foods way. I am starting with the farmers market this weekend at the beach. It is organic and I am looking to source more food locally and organically. Gas makes me cringe when I think of the drive every week.
Today is Edison’s last day of preschool for the summer. I am not sure if he understands what that means but it sounds good to him.
Dylan and dad are fishing again today. They went two days ago and Aaron went to work leaving two live catfish in my dishpan. He wanted Edison to see them. I had to take care of them, I put them in a bag in the fridge. They were dead by the time I got to them. I was not happy about him leaving them in the sink. He is under strict orders to “take care of” any fish caught today. He also had asked me to gut them. I have no idea how to do that and I had to cook 4 things for the faculty meeting the next day. Needless to say, they are probably sill in the same bag in the fridge.


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