I am going to take a break from facebook and focus on my family during this season. I want more quiet and peace. I need less bombardment of other people’s lives. Not that I don’t love my friends, but it is a lot sometimes.I will post some projects on here and work on writing more often. My self discipline is something I struggle with.I plan to do yoga and get rested up over the break.
Right now, I am planning my handmade gifts, finishing my last paper of the term- yay, and wanting to enjoy this winter break with my husband and kids. Wishing everyone peace and comfort in this sad time. Love and light- Erica


Pinterest Spreadable Butter – Two ingredients- EASY


Another Pin to save me money!!

I was making grilled cheese and I needed some spreadable butter. All I had was cold butter. I looked on Pinterest and found this pin and tried it. Since I have a stand mixer, it was super easy. I just beat a stick of butter with 1/3 cup of oil. It says to do the butter first then the oil. I was hungry and blood sugar was dropping and didn’t notice that detail. Turned out fine anyway. So I quickly washed out my old container and poured it in. It needs to harden some but I still used it for lunch. This is an item I can coupon and get pretty cheap, but if I can make it with stuff I always have, that’s even better!
Click here to see the website the pin comes from.

The simple ingredients


The finished product


Pins that work


The last few days I have used several household pins that REALLY work. I thought I would share them to save someone time of trying something that was wasteful or didn’t work.

Grout- I know. Who thinks about the grout on their floor? This wasn’t something I was searching but I found it and did it on a whim and it is INSANE. I have never cleaned the grout in the last eight years in the house. (hangs head). I did my hallway and it was dark brown and is now WHITE!! I have to caps lock it because it is that good. I probably can do it one more time for it to be pristine. I mixed the vinegar, baking soda, water, and lemon juice in a bucket and scrubbed the floor with a brush I had. I used an old rag towel to wipe it up.




I also made some hair detangler. This one I searched out and found a few and tried this one and it worked. V’s hair was really tangled and after her bath, I sprayed it on and combed her hair out. No more expensive detangler spray. It was simply one part conditioner to nine parts water. I eyeballed it.

here is the pin



The last thing I made was magic eraser scrub. I was searching for a DIY magic eraser. I found this pin that was just baking soda and a wet rag. Seriously worked just as well. I scrubbed the whole hallway and am working on all my baseboards. No good picture of before or after but trust me, it works. I buy the big bag of baking soda at Sam’s Club. I want to say it is 5-6 dollars. I will never buy magic eraser again.

The pin-



fun with editing


I love this picture. I think it’s because Edison is looking straight at me all serious and the other boys are looking away. I decided to run some actions on it in photoshop elements, just for fun. Which one do you like best?

the original- also seen in last week’s moment.

black and white #1

black and white #2


Ideas for the summer


I just saw this article in mothering and wanted to remind myself of these things for the summer. I thought I would post it here for easy reference.


It’s almost summer now and those warm endless days and nights are near. Here are some ideas to encourage playfulness:

Go bike riding.

Take a walk at night when the moon is full.

Gaze at the stars.

Go on a bug safari.

Make some large cardboard appliance boxes available.

Give your children a video camera to use.

Make a detailed map of your yard, your house, your neighborhood.

Have a scavenger hunt.

Put on a treasure hunt.

Invite the neighborhood over for a circus.

Make boats from wood scraps and corks with paper or fabric sails and sail them down a creek or in the gutters.

Decorate each other’s faces with face paints.

Fill a toy box with old clothes, skarves, jewelry, hats, and shoes.

Make an outdoor obstacle course or par course.

Fill walnut shell halves with candle wax and a tiny wick. Light them and place them around the garden or on a pond at night.

written by -Peggy O’Mara
Peggy O’Mara founded in 1995 and is currently its editor-in chief.

bubbles and chickens


I had posted the other day about testing a couple outfits and even had a picture of one of the finished ones. Sometimes getting the pictures done can be difficult. There are distractions like chickens, finding an uncluttered spot, and impending storms. It is usually a frantic ten minutes hoping for a decent picture. 

The first set of pictures is the sunny day suit from whimsy couture. I skipped the interfacing in the bib and HIGHLY recommend it if you make it. It kept scrunching up and I kept pulling it back.

The second set of pictures are the rhianna ruffle pants. I did capris. I loved these little pants but getting V to take pictures was particularly hard that day. I felt like I was running after her.
*NOTE TO SELF- get good camera fixed!!!














day off = morning of quiet fun


I finished one of the items for testing. I just love how these little pants turned out. I decided to make a appliqued top to match. Now all I need is my model home so I can get some better pictures.



I like this site called Rookie. It’s a magazine aimed at teens but I think plenty of adults read it too so I don’t feel too weird about it. Tavi Gevinson- the sixteen year old who started it also has a blog called the style rookie that she started at like 12 or 13. She is quite well known in the fashion world. Crazy, but she is brilliant and I like her writing. SO ANYWAYS, on rookie they do photo shoots and have made these great flower headbands and so I had to try my hand at it. I found a headband on my dresser yesterday buried under a bunch of stuff and I had a bag of roses someone gave me and some fake flowers left over from Easter.